Learn how to deploy CARES Act funds to support child care in the age of COVID. Listen to the webinar.
Software for those who support parents & caregivers.
We’re BridgeCare, a white-label child care data and community management platform - made for organizations that support parents, providers (or both!)
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Integrated software for people who need, provide or support child care.
Helping families find child care is a complex challenge, that’s why we offer solutions for everyone involved.
For Local Organizations
Connect local families with child care providers who are looking to increase enrollment.
For Government
Use real-time supply and demand data insights to make more effective policy and resource decisions.
For Employers
Now more than ever child care is an essential part of creating a more focused and productive workforce.
As a country, we have a choice to make. Are we going to continue to underfund and undervalue a system that is the backbone to the rest of the economy?
— Rhian Evans Allvin, CEO, NAEYC
How BridgeCare works:
Collect real-time availability data while increasing enrollment for providers.
It’s estimated that 40% of child care providers across the United States will close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We allow providers to input availability data and display it to families looking for care.
Match families with child care providers using the data collected from providers.
Our user experience team has researched what parents are looking for when it comes to child care. We show them the information they need to make decisions, such as cost, ages served, meal options, staff information, and availability!
Make data-driven decisions to support families and providers in your community.
Using our integrated software, we can provide real-time supply and demand data insights for more effective policy and resource decision making.
Don’t just take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say:
Respond quickly to events, such as COVID-19, to support your community.
BridgeCare is a phenomenal company with an excellent platform for our organization's needs. We are very grateful to the team, for their professionalism and hard work, and responsiveness to community feedback. Best of all, we enjoyed a very successful and speedy launch of the portal so we could meet our community's immediate needs.

Christina Taylor,
Early Childhood Council of Larimer County
Trusted by organizations, government partners, and employers.
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